Lil Nas X is throwing an audition party at Roblox tonight

Lil Nas X is throwing an audition party at Roblox tonight

By Patrick Dean, Saturday, November 14, 2020 10:00 GMT

The Old Town Road rapper will take to the popular rectangular block game.

Lil Nas X will be throwing a concert at Roblox tonight, which will bring the unexpected creative partnership to fruition. The concert will see the performance of a handful of songs, in addition to his new track “Holiday”.

As Covid-19 continues to affect the world, concerts and live performances are becoming rare and rare. Actually impossible, at least in its traditional form. This musicians witnessed creativity. Many have turned to video games, creating massive events for both the performer and the game itself. Fortnite has seen some of the biggest of these events culminating in the Travis Scott Experience attracting more than 27 million viewers.

Lil Nas X announced the partnership in a short video via Twitter, giving players a sneak peek into the song.

You don’t have much time to prepare for the event, as it will air in a couple of hours. The show is live Tonight at 1 PM PDT / 4 PM EST / 9 PM UK time.

This isn’t Roblox’s first foray into music-based events either. The game held an album release party for pop star Ava Max just last month, which was attended by more than a million people.

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After Fortnite, Roblox is a great target for any potential live event. The game is quite massive, and it has over 100 million active users. Obviously, the title is keen on these types of collaborations too, so I expect we’ll see more in the very near future.

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