Life of Tina Turner in her castle in Switzerland: “Before twelve o’clock do not ring the bell” | LOS40 Classic

If there is anyone in the music world who deserves to retire in style, this is it Tina Turner. After a life full of complications, now Enjoy one of her best moments with her husband.

And it does it in a file A castle in Switzerland called Chateau Algonquin. Dream location, specifically in Küsnacht. In addition, it has the first line of the “sea” with Lake Zurich in a trans-Alpine country.

The impressive building has an area of ​​5,500 square metres. However, one of the most striking details is not surprising because of its size, but because of what is written on it. In the entry, you can read the following: “Before 12:00 don’t ring the bell or make the delivery, thank you”. This funny phrase is in English and German.

A few words that perfectly define the life he is leading now. Most normal days (within her convenience, as she lives in a castle) with her husband Erwin BachShe has been happily married to her since she was 46 years old. In addition to this, their fortune also accompanies them in an impeccable career, which is about 300 million dollars, which They paid for the rights to their songs.

“So I got on the plane, took a deep breath, and said, ‘It’s over. “But I’m glad it’s over. I’m tired of singing and making everyone happy. That’s actually what I’ve always done in my life.”

Documentary and music

Although he has retired from the theater since 2009, His current music is thanks to the documentary and the music Where is the hero.

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In 2021, a documentary about her career was released on HBO, including the heartbreaking episodes she had with her abusive ex-husband, also artist Ike.

Secondly, His music came to Madrid after its success on Broadway. As she said, “This musical isn’t about my star, it’s about the journey I took to get there.” An essential date for any of his fans.

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