The UMK Finals will be broadcast in Finland

After the great reception by TEN fans of the agreement reached with Eesti Rahvusringhääling (ERR), the Estonian public broadcaster, to retransmit in 2022 from Gran del Este final lol, TEN confirms a pre-agreement with Yle, Finnish public broadcaster, for definitive broadcastبث New Music Contest (UMK), the annual music competition where Finland’s representative in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest is determined.

UMK started in 2012, replacing the original qualifier (Suomen Ruroviisukarsinta) held since 1961. In this year’s final, which took place on February 20, seven nominations and The dark sideThe song performed by Blind Channel was selected as the winner.

Thus, TEN continues to expand its content offering and improve audiences since, so far this year, it became a series Free TV broadcasting in Spain which has seen the greatest growth Compared to 2020, an increase of 55% (from 0.433% to 0.670% in 2021).

TEN will broadcast the UMK Grand Final in Finland.

TEN is incorporating into its 2022 programming the UMK Music Competition along with Eesti Laul, two of the music competitions prior to participating in the Eurovision Song Contest. So the channel fulfills it Promise to get more rights More preselections, as announced in the promotion released on May 6 with the hashtags #TENtvAporLasPRE and #TENisLivingAcelebration.

This acquisition of the rights was announced exclusively on Thursday, July 8, 2021 at 4:30 PM with a special promotion broadcast. It contains a brief review of the Eesti Laul campaign that TEN released on May 6. This has become a promotion The eighth most watched channel in history On the fourth most competitive day in its history, it also became the tweet with the most impressions, likes, views, comments, tweets, etc. From the history of the series.

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With a humorous tone, the new piece reflects how the road to the next Eurovision 2022 begins at TEN, being the first channel to broadcast two free first choices in the history of television in Spain, thus realizing the illusion of eurofans in our country: to be able to enjoy on TV and outdoors the best parties Eurovision pre-selection. It will be TEN #EUROTEN, PRE TV in 2022.

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