Leila Fernandez ‘has a great time’ in Australia | Other sports | Sports

The tennis player representing Canada will make his Grand Slam debut on Monday against Madison Ingles.

Canadian tennis player for Ecuadorean father Leila Fernandez On Monday, he referred to the sensations that result from being in a country full of nature, such as AustraliaWhile waiting for his debut in Australian Open, the first major tournament of the year, which began on Sunday. Fernandez says she has the best time and seems amazed at the positivity that indigenous Australians experience.

“I’m enjoying my time, and I haven’t complained at any time since I arrived. I love the weather, the food is good, the people are great, that’s what I’ve noticed. They are never negative, they are positive. Conditions do not matter,” the tennis player said during an interview with the tournament’s official communication department. They always greet you with a “good morning”.

“Beautiful. I’m very happy to be here. The atmosphere is very lively. It’s a good start to the year,” added the 19-year-old.

Fernandez, who reached the finals of the last US Open – in which she fell in the final to Britain’s Emma Radocano, but left several favorites in the way – will make her Australian Open debut on Monday against Australia’s Madison Ingles. The duel is scheduled to take place at 9:00 pm in Ecuador, Colombia and Peru. In Australia, it will be 1:00 PM on Tuesday, January 18th. (Dr)

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