LeBron James, Megan Rapinoe & Co. are victorious over Trump

After an almost infinite count of votes in the US election, a final decision is made: According to consistent media reports, Joe Biden won the election as the 46th President of the United States.

The result was tougher than expected. But with the victory in Pennsylvania, the US media gave Biden the 20 voters still unable to win.

It was an option for the US department. Everyone has an opinion on the topic.

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Several athletes have also commented on the US election result 2020 and the defeat of Donald Trump on social media.

Sports 1 Shows the sports world’s reactions to the 2020 US elections.

World soccer champion Megan Rapinoe, one of Trump’s biggest critics who last called him “crazy,” said after the World Cup title: “I’m not going to the damn White House!”

Now she has changed her mind: “Update: I can’t get to the dreaded White House fast enough !!!”

For the US Vice President, according to Rapinoe, it is “historic” and “amazing”.

Irvine “Magic” Johnson spoke after Joe Biden’s first speech, after his election victory became known. The 61-year-old was excited and full of euphoria for years to come.

Johnson was also delighted with the new Vice President, Kamala Harris, who would be the first woman to hold the office of Vice President of the United States.

Of course, LeBron James didn’t have to wait long for a reaction either. On Twitter, the Los Angeles Lakers star said goodbye to Trump as he waved his three hands.

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He also showed the delight towards Trump on Instagram.

NBA teammate Dreamond Green of the Golden State Warriors asked him if he would now celebrate the NBA title at the White House. James Response: “Yes, we’re back. I’ll get tequila and wine.”

Former soccer star Gary Lineker wrote on Instagram: “The next US president is Joe Biden. VAR is currently reviewing it.”

Former footballer Tory Smith posted a video of him and his son’s meeting with Biden, writing, “I told my son he met a family man and his grandfather. I was asked to meet his family, and he treats my son like my son. We will remember that forever.”

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