Land Islands: The term “grays” drifts over the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland

between Sweden And the Finland A ferry from the Baltic Sea with nearly 430 people on board. As the owner of the ship and the Finnish Coast Guard announced, the ferry “Grace” ran aground near the port of Maryhamn.

The ferry was supposed to stop in the Finnish capital of land, and was en route between Finnish Turku and the Swedish capital, Stockholm. But it didn’t get to that: at around 1:15 pm, the ferry hit a breakwater on the side.

The cause of the accident remains unclear, but strong winds blew, and the Coast Guard split at first Twitter With. Another tweet in the evening said the situation was still stable. There is no danger to the passengers, they still have to spend the night on the boat as a precaution and not pick them up yet. The situation will be monitored and rescue teams are on standby.

According to a Viking Line spokeswoman, there were 331 passengers and 98 crew members on board. On Sunday, passengers will be informed of which ship they can take to Sweden or Finland. “The situation on board the ship is calm and dinner is being served,” the company said.

Due to a storm warning, the company used “Grace” instead of a smaller, less powerful vessel. Meanwhile, divers have inspected the chassis to see how the Grace can be better restarted.

In September, another Viking Line ferry, Amorella, ran aground over the land Islands again. At that time the ship had to be evacuated.

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