A migrant from Honduras gives birth on the US-Mexico border

City of Victoria /

Honduran woman She gave birth on the Mexican side of the border bridge that connects Matamoros to Brownsville, TexasMexican authorities reported Sunday.

The woman appeared to be trying to reach the American side, but felt unsettled when she arrived with a pedestrian on the Mexican side waiting to cross.

The woman has been identified as Lady Hernandez, 24 years old.

he is National Immigration Institute He said the birth took place on Saturday afternoon at the Ignacio Zaragoza border bridge, also known as “Los Tomats”. He explained that the authorities had received an alert from officials in US Customs and Border Protection About a woman trying to enter the US irregularly.

he is National Immigration Institute He added that the woman was taken to a hospital in Matamoros, where she received free care. He said that his son would have the right to Mexican citizenship.

It said Hernandez was among the nearly 800 migrants who took refuge in a makeshift camp Along the Rio Grande border while they wait for US hearings on asylum or visa applications. Other migrants are renting places to live on Matamoros while they wait.

Thousands of other immigrants have been waiting in other Mexican border cities for a chance to enter the United States, some for years. President Donald Trump’s administration has deported tens of thousands of people at legal border crossings, First by citing a lack of space and then asking people to wait for trial dates in the United States under the bi-national “stay in Mexico” policy.


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