Lakers Stadium Will Be Named After A Cryptocurrency Company For Fortune

Cryptocurrencies are already gaining ground in the field of financial investments and are starting to gain more ground from the business Marketing that companies do to gain greater visibility and gain the trust of their potential customers.

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And that’s what, a company dedicated to cryptocurrency exchanges, has done, which will now spend a fortune rebranding an iconic playground for NBAAnd Which also makes way for other competitions as organizers in the United States.

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The amazing number of the label

The Cryptocurrency Company Will Pay At Least $700 Million! So that Staples Center, Los Angeles Lakers Stadium, change its name to Arena from now on. The label, as is customary in Europe and the United States, is very expensive, but they estimate that it will be profitable.

With the Magic Johnson Statue you will now be in the Arena.  AP

With the Magic Johnson Statue you will now be in the Arena. AP

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Of course, in order to monetize these properties, they not only analyzed the risks, but also made sure to sign a truly permanent contract with those who would now be their new partners. because, The link the company has initialed guarantees its name in the stadium for the next 20 years starting December 25, 2021.

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In addition to millions, history

In addition to what it means for the organization to put $700 million into the ballpark, there is an element that makes this investment such a significant milestone. will become a leader in the field of cryptocurrency companies by putting their names in a stadium that hosts events seen all over the planet.

“In the coming years, people will remember this time as the time when cryptocurrencies crossed the divide into the mainstream.” Chris Marsalek, CEO of, told the Los Angeles Times that he is delighted to be one of the champions of such a wonderful step in the relationship between sports and cryptocurrency.

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And according to what the company’s CEO also revealed, the details of the scope are still not entirely clear. Although they already agreed on the naming and also The term of the association, the idea of ​​ and AEG, the owner of the stadium, is that in the near future payments can be made in cryptocurrency within the pool.

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The stadium is filled with the memory of Kobe Bryant.  EFE

The stadium is filled with the memory of Kobe Bryant. EFE

History wherever you see it: from the amount of money paid – which is unique in sports -, The emergence of a company in this field greatly strides the opportunity for various companies in real estate to be recognized for selling their products in cryptocurrency.

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What was hitherto known as Staples Center opened in 1999 and has been the home of the WNBA Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Sparks, and NHL Kings. At the time, Staples had paid $100 million for a 10-year contract…and today that number has doubled.

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