Lady Bird, su Netflix in da oggi streaming

Starting today, April 20, 2021, the arrival of Lady Bird, the movie directed by Greta Gerwig in 2017 and starring Sawiris Ronan, is being broadcast on Netflix!



Christiano Ugrici


Come up Netflix at flow Starting today, April 20 Lady Bird, The movie that actually saw the director’s (solo) debut by Greta Gerwig, who sees Sawiris Ronan as the ultimate (and granted!) Protagonist.

Kristen Macpherson (Sawiris Ronan) is a teenager from Sacramento who has chosen the title Lady Bird for herself. He has a secret dream: to leave the terminal city and move to a big city to study and experience all kinds of adventures. In order to get into university, he needs to increase the credits in extracurricular activities, which is why he enrolled in high school drama club. Lady Bird is the honest and entertaining story of her final year of high school in California.

Lady Bird: Greta Gerwig with Sawiris Ronan and Timothy Chalamet on set

Greta Gerwig has been thinking about this story for years: she wanted to dedicate a movie to her sacred secret, and so, hunting between her autobiographical experiences and a long and 350-page screenplay, in 2017 gave birth to Lady Bird, an award-winning gem who collected various award nominations between 2017 and 2017. 2018. Even the Oscars succumbed to its charm, offering 5 nominations (although no prizes). Very young Saoirse Ronan got her first Golden Globe with Lady Bird.

Lady Bird is the latest among many novelties in the catalog in April 2021 on Netflix, which this month made users available new TV series, unforgettable epics, and big cult.

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