Krepo has temporarily arrested the fraudulent couple from Berchtesgaden

Icon Image: Nicolas Armer / dpa

Police officers from Erding police arrested a couple from the Berchtesgaden area Thursday morning.

You can read more about the scam trick on our page.

The couple (43 and 47) were about to redeem the credit from the debit system at a terminal in a supermarket in Erding.

Due to multiple data clicks from these debit cards in the past few weeks, affecting a large number of customers and a total damage of around € 47,000, the discount system operator turned to Kripo Erding.

Caught in action

On Thursday morning, the couple, who according to preliminary results, are only fraud inspection, are finally caught red-handed by a team of investigators from the Erding Criminal Investigation Department.

It remains unclear how the spouses were able to obtain the debit account access data. Further investigations are required for this.

Police recommend using strong passwords

It is known from past cases that fraudsters often gain access to debit accounts online with passwords that can be easily decrypted. You can then easily transfer the balance to your smartphone at the operator’s station and retrieve it later for purchases. Strong passwords are highly recommended by investigators. – vr

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