Candidate Mike Heter considers himself a team leader

Jan 09, 2021 – 13:58 hour

Mike Hester escorted Elena Meraas to the jungle camp

He’s actually got a real Australian air of “I’m a Superstar – Get Me Out of Here!” Sniff – at least at the Versace Hotel: Mike Heather (28) accompanied his then-girlfriend Elena Meraas to Down Under last year. Following in their footsteps, he now wants to get a “gold ticket” at this year’s Jungle Show for the next season in 2022. Mike Heter reveals in the video if he sees an advantage in his previous role as a companion.

Mud fight after separating from Elena Meraas

Mike Heter became famous in 2017 for his participation in the first season, “The Island of Love”. There you get to know Elena Meraas – and love. The two moved in together and got baby Aylen. Also seen on “Das Sommerhaus der Stars” with his then-partner Elena Meraas, the two won the 2019 season. But they broke up last year – including a mud fight. The 28-year-old is currently happily given to her friend, Laura.

In his private life, Mike loves to play sports and loves to spend his spare time with friends and family. He also released two songs, “Eine Insel” in 2018 and “Anker” in 2020, alongside the previous Elena.

Jungle Candidate Mike Heter appears in Profile

Mike Heter accompanied his ex-wife Elena Meraas to a jungle camp in 2020.

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date of Birth13. May 1992
Place of residence: Essen
Asterisk: Taurus
Known before: “Love Island” (2017), “Das Sommerhaus der Stars” with Elena Miras (2019, winner), “Just Tattoo of Us” (2020, Equinox with Elena Miras) and “Ninja Warrior” (2020)

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