Sunday’s World Cup of surprises: Sweden and Finland lose

Big surprise in group b “german”! Because Finland was defeated in the afternoon by Kazakhstan with a 1: 2 penalty shootout. Curiosity: Meanwhile, Sweden in Group A also suffered a surprise 0-1 defeat by Belarus.

Fallen: Darren Dietz and Kazakhstan surprisingly beat Finland.
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After two matches in Group Two – only the United States and Canada will compete on Sunday evening – an unusual picture appears. Germany and Kazakhstan surprisingly lead the group after the Kazakhs surprisingly defeated Finland on Sunday afternoon. Young superstar Anton Lundel gave Finland the lead midway through the match. But this did not last long, because Kirill Panyukov equalized after only two minutes.

In the penalty shootout, the Kazakhs were victorious in their ranks with Jesse Blacker (ex-Dell player in Nuremberg), Darren Dietz, Curtis Falk, native Canadian and Victor Svedberg, a native of Sweden. Goalkeeper Nikita Boyarkin saved only one penalty for his opponent, Harry Sattery, so Kazakhstan celebrated the second victory in the second half after a simple exclamation point against the Latvian host successfully after the penalty shootout.

Group A: Nesterov shocked Sweden

In the afternoon, Group A was also lacking in goals and a surprise. Because the top Swedish national team lost 0: 1 to Belarus. German Nesterov scored the only goal and thus decisive in the match after 33 seconds in the final third. After losing 4: 3 to Denmark’s “little brother of ice hockey”, Sweden is still surprisingly without a point after two games.

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