Katla, a trailer for a new Netflix sci-fi series coming out in June

The official trailer for the upcoming series has been released.boilerComing to Netflix June 17th, Also visible on Sky Q and NOW. Icelandic director, Baltasar Kormacour, Is famous in his homeland because he has already directed movies like “The Sea” and “101 Reykjavik”, while he is popular with the general public for Hollywood movies, including “Loose Dogs”, “Everest” and “Stay With Me.”

The science fiction series tells about the catastrophic explosion of the subglacial Katla volcano, disrupting the life of the nearby community, as mysteries begin to emerge from the ice.


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“Nature reminds us of how small we are. How everything we have depends on it only.” These are the first words we can hear in the teaser trailer.

Once again a mysterious old lady whispered: “Something strange is going on.”

Thanks to the official trailer for the first season of “Catla” we discover the central point of the narrative, or the disappearance of a girl after an eruption. She will be found completely naked and covered with a black crust all over her body after only one year and will remember nothing of the tragedy that happened.

Catla, the plot


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Waiting for many critics and audiences, Catla is a science fiction series, banned for minors under the age of 14, directed by the famous Icelandic filmmaker Baltasar Kormakur.

After a year of continuous activity on the subglacial Katla volcano in Iceland, Grima is still searching for her sister, who disappeared on the first day of the eruption. As hopes of finding the remains faded, residents of the surrounding area began receiving visits from unexpected guests. Something absolutely unimaginable could be hiding under the ice.

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The series description foreshadows suspense, action, and mysteries to be solved in a land full of gestures of darkness.

Catla, cast

The series is directed by Baltasar Kormacour, and stars Ingvar Sigurosson, Bjorn Thors, Göran Or Evjur, Aries Tania Flageningring, Alit Oheim, Orstein Bachmann and Solveig Arnarsdottir.

Actors are known in their homeland and can achieve international success thanks to this TV series that seems to focus a lot on the sense of mystery and on the disturbing secrets that lie underground.

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