Depop launches a collaboration with Benetton

Benetton and Depop announced a collaboration that celebrates the revolutionary nature of Benetton, through the expressive energy and power of Debop’s creative community. In recognition of the long history of the Benetton Archives and the potential to purchase second-hand clothing, Depop sellers in the United States and the United Kingdom have sponsored a collection of both rare and antique pieces of the brand, which will be available from May 31.

“Collaborating with Benetton confirms our determination to work with brands based on a strong sense of community that shares our values,” Averma Steve Dole, Global Head of Brand Partnerships at Depop. “Over time, Benetton has built a reputation as a brand that challenges the status quo and fosters inclusion in its creative campaigns. This links her directly to Depop’s point of view. Through this partnership, we not only engage our community of sellers to help extend the life of some of Benetton’s most sought-after apparel, but we also work together to encourage, amplify, and support creativity and self-expression. “

Based on Benetton’s DNA, the Benetton x Depop campaign It provides a space for those who take a stand and break the rules, and it provides a creative platform for members of the Depop community who want to have their voice heard about the social issues they care about. Like YouthClubStore, which is committed to promoting more fashion conscious consumption; ArchiveSix, which tells her story of emancipation as a woman and black entrepreneur; Dancer Ayo, on the importance of knowing how to accept and love yourself; And Hadiyahh, who promotes a realistic representation of the female body in the media. From Benetton’s campaigns in the 1990s to the Depop community in 2021, one thing is for sure: Fashion has the power to make social change.

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As part of the innovation process United Colors of Benetton – Its main goal is to bring the brand back to the fore and gradually increase its appeal among new generations We are pleased to announce this prestigious collaboration with Depop, the innovative global online platform specializing in the sale of vintage products, ”says Massimo Renon, CEO of the Benetton Group. “Thanks to Depop’s used clothing marketing model – a staple of sustainable fashion – Benetton is also entering the ring in a contemporary and innovative way. Our old clothes made history: they have now gained a second life thanks to Depop, who shares our creative language and core values: diversity, inclusion and sustainability. ”

In the United Kingdom, the 60-piece collection extends to Archives of the 1980s and 1990s It includes both menswear and womenswear and accessories, which showcase the Benetton brand’s eclectic DNA and the central importance it has always placed on color. They are vintage pieces, easy to wear and match, today as then: from hard-to-find rugby shirts to colorful blouses, and from patchwork denim jackets to Argyle jackets and linen shorts. UK group of sellers has been commissioned by HMSV Vintage, AreaEighteen, Thrifty_Towel, happydais and campervanvilleg, all of whom specialize in second-hand and vintage clothing.

In the United States, Benetton products appeared both on the set and in the campaign, Rare and from the archive, was selected by 15 vendors on Depop in the US, including nostalgic_threadz, throwbacksvilleg, thegrungedoll, mineclothingshop and heynicholevOLVO. The collections will be for sale on Depop’s browsing page starting May 31.

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