Jenny Chatrath taught Kapil Sharma how to make babies cry smile

Kapil Sharma with his wife and daughter

In the final episode of “The Kapil Sharma Show”, comedian Capel shared that his wife taught him how to make children smile.

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Kapil Sharma may be a king of comics, but when it comes to making crying babies smile, he has failed miserably with his daughter Anaira. Kapil shared this in the final episode of The Kapil Sharma Show when Neha Kakar and Rohanpreet Singh arrived as guests.

Kapil played a game with Neha and Rohanpreet where both newlyweds were given a doll and Kapil was asked to pretend if they were real children. Cabell then posed questions for the couple to answer based on paternity. One of the questions was, “How will you make your baby smile when he won’t stop crying?” That’s why she said Neha to make funny faces.

Capel shared an anecdote from his private life and added that he will never learn how to make Anaira, his daughter, smile when she cries in her childhood. He shared that he would feel awkward when his wife Jenny Chatrath could do so without any hassle. Then he shared that Ginni taught him that by making funny faces, babies tend to smile because they only understand facial expressions and not what they are told. Capel’s confession was remarkable given that he was killing him with his jokes on stage.

Meanwhile, apart from the main title of The Kapil Sharma Show, Kapil is also set for the first time in the web series. Fans are waiting eagerly for project details.

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