Jennifer Lopez accused of stealing from Beyoncé with performing AMAs for 2020

The ‘Jenny from the Block’ singer’s short hair, Catsuit’s sexy jumpsuit and chair dancing during her set at the American Music Awards is compared to Beyoncé’s performance at the 2014 Grammy.

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Jennifer Lopez She made a buzz online after her performance at the 2020 American Music Awards, though not all of it for a good reason. The singer is accused of theft Beyoncé KnowlesConcept for her on Sunday November 22nd.

The “Fraudsters“The star set the temperature overheating with her steamy performance that night wearing a semi-transparent cat suit while performing a“ Pa Ti. ”She felt a short swing, and also showed sensual chair dancing with several backup dancers during her solo group.

He later joined J.Lo Maluma To present “Lonely”. The 51-year-old actress seduced her assistant as she hopped over a table and flared up and saddled with the 26-year-old Colombian-born singer.

While many were fascinated by J Lu’s performance, Behav couldn’t help noticing that the singer / Latin dancer outfit, appearance and dance was similar to their favorite artist at the 2014 Grammy Awards. They quickly took to Twitter to indict the hit maker “On the Floor.”

Someone posted on the Blue Bird app a side-by-side photo of J.Lo at the 2020 AMAs and Bey at the 2014 Grammys: “Jlo Wants Beyoncé To Be So Bad, Thief Hit Again”. Another commented, “Jlo really had Beyoncé’s appearance at the Grammy 2014.”

“The costume, the hair, the dance … But one thing is for sure: She can’t sing like Queen Beyoncé. Beyoncé is the standard, so I’m not really surprised,” a third user J Lo. A fourth person insisted, “Before you all talk about ‘Beyoncé didn’t invent dancing in a chair,’ let’s not act as if J-Lo didn’t have the same outfit, the same hairstyle and similar choreography.”

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Others claimed that J. Luo had a long history of copying other artists’ concepts, with one commenting, “Jennifer has been stealing black women for years.” Meanwhile, another shy user described J Lu and Maluma’s group as “Beyoncé and Jay-Z Drunk in Love performance # AMAs2020 ‘.

However, there were a few who came to J Lu’s defense, with one of them saying, “King Bai inspired her,” instead of stealing from Bai. And another clap of the haters, “Everyone always hates.”

A J Lo fan claimed: “JLO has been doing this chair dance for years until it performs in Vegas, and they are all so problematic and bored … they need to let all of you out some more.” Another person slammed the critics for “reaching.”

J Lu herself did not respond to allegations of theft of the Pi concept.

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