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It’s a new week Argentine sports league In Formula 1 e-races, with another exciting race of the 10th season and with a new winner … Wednesday night, the class landed at the Melbourne International Circuit, to dispute over grand prize From Australia, where he was the winner John Lopez On board the Ferrari F1-75.

The Argentine simracer made a comeback as a movie…even after having a mid-start crash, he tried not to get into friction, exploiting other people’s accidents and hard in the position. Victory speed. was located the second CAB processor (Alfa Romeo)، Manu Diaz (McLaren).

Photo: Argentine Sports League

Grand Prix starts, Masita, who finished first, has a good start, but lost his position with several drivers, before reaching the first corner, leads Ronchi (Ferrari), Greco (Haas) and Lucero (Alpha Tauri) complete the new podium, in start with many virtual safety car For a few frictions at first and first victim of the day in Melbourne. There is a second loss, but without the need for the safety car, and back to back, Lucero has a brush with Perez (Alfa Romeo) and drops several positions, until finally safety car For a triple loss in the ring, among them the champion Arrivalo (Aston Martin).

Half of the current network took the opportunity to stop and play their cards, the leaders remain on the right track. After the relaunch, captain Ronchi engages in friction with Grecco, Ferrari will be in the middle of the track and without being able to avoid it, will receive the effect of another participant, both remain DNF… Muñoz (Mercedes) and Nestor (McLaren) will also be involved, but with the damage it will continue on Track right and we’ll have a new safety car. Grecco, who took the lead, goes to the pits among the other drivers, Pereyra (Alfa Romeo) takes the lead.

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The competition resumes, Pereira retains the first place, the magician (Alfa Romeo) with a great maneuver overtakes Mano to take the lead later, due to the arrest of his partner … Mano remains in second place, but now he is attacked by Lopez (Ferrari) who took advantage of Accidents and various outings safety car To advance silently… twists later, he would be able to advance to be the new second. Entering the final laps, several penalty kicks began to fall, and Lopez quickly shortened the best distance with the lead, even though he was actually the winner, as the magician was penalized.


A few laps of the square flag, we have a safety car on the track, the vast majority, including the leaders, go to the pits, Masita, who decides not to enter, stays on the track and regains the lead but with a defect on the tyres, since Wizard and López took him with tires New red… However, before the re-launch, Maita DNF stayed at the entrance to the pits, alongside Wizard and López for victory.

They resume, the positions remain the same, the checkered flag is lowered and the victory on the track belongs to Wizard but due to his 3-second penalty kick, he had to award the victory to López, the Wizard taking second place, while in third, Manuel Díaz falls.

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