UFOS – What was released at NASA’s first public meeting

UFOS - What was released at NASA's first public meeting

US Space Agency

Mysterious Flying Objects – Various sightings could not be explained by NASA either

NASA held its first public conference on Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).


“UFO Tour” in the desert outside Sedona, Arizona.


  • There was a public meeting of a group of experts from NASA for the first time about UFO sightings.

  • Views that “might really be gay” make up between two and five percent of the entire database.

  • Experts give examples that initially caused a stir, but which can then be explained.

  • The committee also noted difficulties with UFO research.

  • By the end of July, a report should summarize the results of the unexplained phenomena review.

NASA owns them First General Conference On the subject of UFOs (UFO) is being held. The researchers are examining about 800 reports of unidentified flying objects collected over decades.

Just a small part of it Really inexplicableAccording to the commission. It is about scenes “which from a scientific point of view cannot be identified as planes or known natural phenomena.”

These are the first major findings:

Extraterrestrial objects are not excluded

Many of the sightings can be explained—others remain a mystery: “We have 50 to 100 new reports every month,” said Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the U.S. Department of Defense’s All Area Resolution Office (AARO). The number of views that “might be really gay” is two to five percent of the entire database.

Early in 2021, a Pentagon report said that of 144 sightings made by military pilots since 2004, all but one remained unexplained. Extraterrestrial objects were not excluded at that time either.

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“It wasn’t a UFO, it was Bart Simpson”

The panel provided examples of scenes that initially aroused excitement but were then easily explained. For example, a burst of radio waves caught by researchers in Australia. “They had a really strange structure,” said David Spergel of NASA. “People could not understand what was happening. Then they noticed that the radio waves were concentrated at noon. It turns out that the researchers’ sensitive devices picked up signals from a microwave oven used to heat lunch.

Scott Kelly, a former astronaut and pilot with decades of experience, shared a story about the optical illusion. He and his co-pilot were flying over Virginia Beach when a colleague was certain they had just passed a UFO. I did not see him. So we turned around and looked at it and it turned out to be Bart Simpson – Balloon.”

Stigma and harassment

The committee noted that UFO research is often hampered because commercial pilots are reluctant to report unusual sightings. “One of our goals is to remove this stigma because high-quality data is needed to answer important questions about UAPs.”

Also, some scientists have been harassed online for their work in this field, which adds an additional stigma to research in this field. “This greatly hinders the scientific process and discourages researchers from engaging with this important topic,” said NASA chief science officer Nicola Fox.

NASA: A New Era of Transparency

NASA’s change of approach is one of the reasons why Wednesday’s public meeting was so remarkable, writes the BBC.

The space agency has already dealt with UFO sightings for decades and has subsequently faced questions from the public. The question was, “What is NASA hiding?” One of the most frequently asked questions. But the authority is committed to transparency. “That’s why we’re here live today,” NASA’s Dan Evans said.

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Report end of July

Scientists have called for a rigorous scientific approach to explain the unexplained sightings in the sky. “Existing data and testimony are insufficient to provide conclusive evidence of the nature and origin of each individual event,” said astrophysicist David Spergel, who is leading the work. “We need high-quality data.”

NASA announced last year that it would analyze observations that could not be clearly identified as technical or natural phenomena. While UFOs have long fascinated the public, science has rarely taken the subject seriously or even avoided it. The independent team of 16 scientists is now set to present the findings of the review of unexplained phenomena in a report by the end of July.

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