Italian TV series revised to Netflix

The TV series with Giancarlo Commare and Federico Cesari has been retouched on Netflix

The TV series with Giancarlo Commare and Federico Cesari has been retouched on Netflix. Good news for fans Giancarlo Kumari and Federico Cesari, respectively Edoardo and Martino in the successful series Shame on Italy. RetouchedThe new Italian TV series in which they are the protagonists Starting on November 1, it has been shown on Netflix.

The medical series was designed by Professor Giulio Bassocco, a Romanian surgeon who has been working in the sector for more than thirty years, together with Luca Rocera. Produced by Mr. Moody and directed by Alessandro well The project was carried out in collaboration with Brand Solutions, an internal division of Sky Media.

Retouch your love, what is it about

Retouched is set in El Pasoko Medical Office, Which tells funny stories but also makes us think about plastic surgery, an ever-evolving topic. Heroes are some of the characters who make the most absurd demands regarding scalpels: in search of the purest beauty, they come to the studio with unique and engaging life stories.

Actors, actors and characters retouched

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Undisputed presence in the cast Retouched It is clearly Professor Giulio Bascoco. Along with him, the heroes Giancarlo Kumari (Eduardo in Shame on Italy), Neva Leoni (Tina La Ladies’ paradise), Paolo Camelli, Liliana Fiorelli, Michela Giroud, Francesco Marioni and Angelica Massera. From the second season they are added afterwards Federico Cesari (Martino in Shame on Italy), Angela Favela and Francesco RussoAnd Francesca Antonaci, Matteo Cirillo, Alessio Di Domenicantonio, Federica Pagliaroli (Emma N My mind), Gianmarco Rotaru and Nicolo Cini.

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The final touch in streaming, where you can watch TV series

Where can you look Retouched flow? As mentioned earlier, the chain is always available dal November 1 on Netflix.

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