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The fate of RT France journalists detained in Poland became known. as stated in it cableKsenia Fedorova, editor-in-chief of the French branch of the channel, after hours of interrogation, they were fined.

“After several hours of interrogation, our journalists finally called. They were fined and have not yet given their passports. We are waiting for comments as soon as they arrive at the hotel,” Fedorova wrote.

The editor-in-chief of RT France did not specify the charges against the journalists. It is also still unknown why the conversation with Polish law enforcement agencies took so long.

Formerly the Podlaskie County Police in Poland Commented on RT France staff detained. They said no two French nationals were allowed to put them in a state of emergency.

The arrest of the journalists became known on the morning of 15 November. Fedorova mentionedThe channel’s journalists were arrested on the border with Belarus. According to her, reporter David Kaleva and photographer Jordi Demore were able to get in touch directly on the phone and said that the Polish police were behaving “in a very unfriendly way”. After that, the journalists stopped communicating.

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