Space, the government commissioned the delegation to Bruno Tabachi

The Democratic Center leader has an investment agenda tied to the 10 billion euros set aside for the next generation of the European Union for defense and space.

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Delegation to Space policy is assigned to Bruno TabachiHead of the Democratic Center and former Deputy Presidency of the Council responsible for economic planning and coordination. The decision came as a change in pace compared to what was issued by the Council of Ministers on 12 March, in which the name of lawyer Roberto Garofoli was mentioned.

That is why Prime Minister Mario Draghi chose to join him in the direction of space policy, a sector in which Italy has doubled its financial commitment over the past year and is of fundamental geopolitical importance. In addition to, Between boxes The next generation of the European UnionAnd the around $ 10 billion must be invested in defense and space. So it will be the task of Tabache to decide which projects to finance and monitor the business.

In Europe and Italy It is among the most advanced countries in the entire supply chain Aviation sector, From creating space infrastructures, to distributing essential applications and services (such as meteorology or telecommunications). Italy will also participate in American Moon Program ArtemisWhich President Joe Biden announced he would support.

However, at the same time, our country has struggled to find the right country Political representation at the international level. For example, no Italian nomination has reached the final for the position of Director General of the European Space Agency.

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Tabacci occurs in proxies A. Giancarlo Giorgetti In the first government led by a former prime minister Giuseppe Conte It’s when Ricardo Fracaro In the second, with a degree in economics and commerce, Tapachi was president of the Lombardy region between 1987 and 1989, and held his position as deputy since 2001.

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