In the United States, the Presidential Republicans will meet without Donald Trump

Washington, DC /

Eight potential candidates for the 2024 presidential nomination will participate in an event the Republican Party In Texas next week, but former President Donald Trump will not do so, a source involved in planning said Friday.

The Senator is hosting the May 7 event at the Austin Hotel John Cornyn And the governor of Texas, Greg AbbottTo thank donors who helped fund the voter registration campaign and efforts to boost voting in the state.

Prominent Republican politicians who are Consider the possibility of competing for the nomination From the party in 2024 he speaks to about 200 donors.

Among them is the former governor of New Jersey, Chris ChristieGovernor of Florida Ron Desantes, Former vice president Mike PenceAnd former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and members of the US Senate Tom Cotton, Marco Rubio, Tim Scott and Rick ScottThe source said.

The event comes at a time when Republicans are debating Between trying to beat Trump In the next electoral cycle or lined up behind it.

Trump said Thursday to Maria BartheromoFrom the series Fox Business, Who was “one hundred percent” was considering another nomination after losing in 2020 to Democrat Joe Biden. previous president The source said he was not invited to Texas. Former Governor of South Carolina, Nikki HaleyThe source said, he was invited but could not attend.

Members of the delegation of Texas Congress They will interview every speaker at the event, which is being staged with the help of the veteran Republican agent Karl Rove.

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Many Republican critics doubt that Trump is proceeding with his speculation about the 2024 run for the presidency, leaving a void that other party leaders will try to fill.


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