In the new Canon Photo Culling app, AI will rate your photos –

If you have hundreds and thousands of images on your device, it is really difficult to find and sort them in any way. On mobile platforms, you will find many applications that work fairly well with artificial intelligence by removing not only duplicate photos, but also of any quality. Canon Photo Culling is a new addition.

Its core is PHIL. This is an acronym for Photography Intelligence Learning. The title helps users choose the best images based on their assessment of sharpness, noise, emotion, or closed eyes. Based on these four values, the final score is calculated, which determines the quality of the image. You can then tell the app how high this score will be so that the title keeps all the frames above it and deletes all the frames below it. You can even prioritize individual parameters.

It is also possible to delete records based on mutual similarity. This works by selecting, for example, 10 portraits of a person and 10 portraits of a landscape. Artificial intelligence divides photos by scene into two groups of images and selects the best from each. Of course, Canon Photo Culling also aims to reduce the device’s storage space, so it not only shows the number of photos stored, but also the phone’s storage capacity. There are also dynamic albums, arranged by events or time period, etc.

Of course it has a benefit. And in fact little. The app can only work with JPG files and only with files captured by the phone. Although the app is free, it only offers a three-day trial period, after which the subscription must be paid. Monthly $ 3 (~ $ 60), Annual $ 15 (~ $ 320). However, Canon Photo Culling’s title is not available in the Czech app store. You must have an Apple ID in the US to test the function.

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