In 2021, $133 billion was spent on hardware. American dollar

2021 Eventually, a variety of stats emerge. “sensor towerIt released its annual mobile app spending report, which shows a clear trend, with Android and iOS users spending more money on apps than in 2020.

The total amount spent on programs in 2021 was $133 billion, which is about 20% more than in 2020, when $111.1 billion was spent. American dollar. The new tool’s spending data has been compiled based on projected spending from 2021 onwards. January 1 to December 31

Apple’s App Store still accounts for a larger share of the total, with consumers spending $85.1 billion. USD or 17.7% more than last year. The Google Play Store has received $47.9 billion in the past 12 months. US dollar, up 23.5% from 2020. Under the current situation, the Apple App Store earns 1.8 times more revenue than Google Play Store.

Total number of software installs on both app stores in 2021. Google Play grew 0.5% to a total of $111.3 billion and the App Store to $32.3 billion. TikTok is the most downloaded in 2021. The app is on iOS and Android platforms. Meta Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger follow suit, while Telegram, Snapchat, Zoom, CapCut and Spotify complete the top ten.

In 2021, $133 billion was spent on hardware.  American dollar

TikTok also took the crown as the highest earning of 2021. The program, with SensorTower predicting users will spend $2.3 billion on the platform by the end of the year. American dollar.

In 2021, $133 billion was spent on hardware.  American dollar

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