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In the Piedras Negras borders, Coahuila, With Texas, arrival families Immigrants Central America With children seeking asylum in the United States. in some cases Out of intention to solve health problems They were unable to attend their country due to lack of resources.

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“We left the caravan on January 15, and we were in Tapachula for about two months, and we just got here.” Rosa Hurlinda Reyes, the mother of a minor with a visual impairment, said, “By God, we’ve suffered so much along the way.”

Honduran immigrants try to reach the United States to treat their daughter’s blindness. Photo Noticieros Televisa

Valerie Paula, three years old, with visual impairment and gastrointestinal disturbance, He came to Piedras Negras, Coahuila, with his Honduran parents and two sisters who are 11 years and 5 months old. The family wants to come to the United States so that Valerie can receive professional medical attention.

We need to get asylum, we need the girl to be evaluated for me there because she can have a better life and get treatment. The mother of the minor said, “She does not see anything, it is a dream that we have to give the girls a better life, because in Honduras we have nothing.”

At Casa del Migrante, the family could only shower and eat, Then back to the streets, Because the epidemic does not allow entry to temporary shelters on the Coahuila border.

“Yesterday they helped us because they are with a very young girl, and the family’s interest is to keep going to the US to see if they can receive support with the girl with this blindness problem, when I told them yesterday what it was said Isabel Torcio, in charge of Casa del Migrante in Piedras” Negras, Coahuila, “Let’s go to the street to sleep on the street because there is no place to stay.”

Honduran immigrants try to reach the United States to treat their daughter’s blindness. Televisa newscasts

An increasing number of unaccompanied minors seek to enter the United States.. Most of them come from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Ecuador.

Hector Minschaka, the US Municipal Liaison Officer, concluded, “This indicates a lack of much information, that there is a lot of despair and that they in fact have misinformation because there is no proper publication of the Personnel Acceptance Program in the United States.” authorities.

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