If you no longer know what to watch on Netflix, here is the trick to unlock hidden titles

Various paid broadcast platforms have now entered the homes and daily lives of many. With this period of restrictions they became the real alternative to the entertainment we are used to. But that’s also why we can often run into trouble. Sitting in front of the TV, PC, or tablet not knowing what to watch. We have already seen and reviewed our favorite movies or series. Or we quickly ate new content. But we have a solution if you no longer know what you are watching on Netflix then this is the trick to unlock hidden titles.

what should be done

Before saying what we’ll be able to accomplish with this trick, let’s see the procedure to get to the bottom line.

First of all, we have to start from the Netflix webpage and not its website Implementation. The interface remains the same but few of them know that when you go to select a content category, it corresponds to a certain code. This icon appears on the link, in the navigation bar, after the last slash.

There are sites including “Netflix Icon” which provide a complete list of icons related to each type of content. The advantage is that in addition to popular entertainment it also offers all the more specific subgenres. What you need to do is go to this site and scroll to the genre that interests us. Copy the code, go to the Netflix page and select any genre. At this point, we go to the bar where the full link is and replace the final existing code with the one we copied.

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The result

What will we get? After we’ve made a more specific selection using the subtype code we initially chose, we’ll have a set of titles more relevant to our selection. Moreover, for precisely these reasons, it will reveal titles that would not normally appear by scrolling through the contents of the application.

This is because Netflix is ​​still creating a selection of content that is offered to us by various factors. That way, we’ll have a really complete list. So, if you no longer know what you are watching on Netflix, this is the trick to unlock hidden titles.

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