If you can’t watch Netflix & co. On a Pixel phone in HD, it’s not your fault

Roberto Artigiani

… but a (yet another) annoying bug was entered with the February corrections

The recent experience of Pixel smartphone owners reveals itself Always More complex and frustrating due to the amount of errors that appear to affect “Google Made” devices. The latest news in this regard concerns many users who After the last update To the April security patches It can no longer watch streaming videos in HD.

No high accuracy has been reported On Netflix and other similar services Especially by Pixel 5 users, But also from others with previous models. It appears that the problem is actually not entirely new, since it was first brought up Early February, After the security patches were also issued in this case, the anomaly was introduced.

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It’s still unclear if the latest drivers are to blame or if this version has just expanded the anomaly. Out there on Reddit Husband Of subjects About this and anyone who has tried to contact Google support has heard of it Report the bug through the official channels. Perhaps this answer means that the solution is not ready and BigG is still trying to understand the problem.

Anyway, it appears that the inability to play streaming videos in HD is related to detection by the respective apps Only di Widevine L3, Necessary to ensure compliance with DRM. Although there is Widevine L1, which is essential for high resolution, it appears that the applications do not see it until the user remains locked in the SD.

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Google Pixel 5
  • CPU
    Octa core 2.4GHz
  • Show
    6 inches FHD + / 1080 x 2340 pixels
  • RAM
    8 GB
  • In front of me
    8 mega pixels / 2.0
  • camera
    12.2 mega pixels / 1.7
  • battery
    4080 mAh

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