Netflix cancels Bonding and Mr. Iglesias and two other TV series

laugh less Netflix. The well-known broadcasting platform decided قررت Four TV series canceled And without too many introductions. Subscribers will now have to dispense with four comedy shows: this is Gabriel Iglesias’ series titled Mr. Iglesias; the crew With Kevin James. Country ComfortAnd finally, the Catherine McPhee series bondingCreated by Reiter Doyle. A Netflix spokesperson acknowledged that these four titles “will not return” to the platform, but clarified that “Netflix wants to continue working with creators Gabriel Iglesias, Kevin James and Rightor Doyle.” These are quite surprising accounts, also because some of these titles debuted on the platform this year.

Netflix cancels 4 comedy TV series: why?

If you are wondering what were the reasons that prompted the giant to make this decision, know that they have not been determined at the moment. What we do know, according to the deadline, is that Netflix has already signed an agreement With King of Queens star Kevin James “developing a one-camera comedy” he sees himself busy as a producer and star. Same for Bonding creator Righter Doyle, who appears to have “closed a development deal” with the new shows platform. As for Gabriel Iglesias, he’s already in the works and will be filming a third nightclub special for Netflix by the end of the summer. visualization.

But for the bad news, there is always new news because it only arrived a few days ago Partnership announced between Netflix and Steven Spielberg With his company Amblin Partners. An agreement was signed between the two parties announcing the arrival of “many films”. Variety revealed that the studio “should produce at least two films a year” for Netflix with Spielberg likely to direct a few of them.

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