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Italian Cup: Atalanta defeated Lazio 3-2 in 10. Juve Poker in SPAL

AGI – Atalanta and Juventus reached the Coppa Italia semi-finals, which joined Inter, who beat Milan 2-1 in the derby on Tuesday evening. Atalanta flies to the semi-finals of the Coppa Italia to avenge Lazio by winning a daring match, 3-2, when it is reduced to 10 versus 11. At Juventus, the old lady is no problem on the field with a big turn against SPAL. In Bergamo, Atalanta beat Lazio 3-2 at Stade Joyce, the finale differs from the 2019 final, when the Biancelesti won 2-0. In a crazy game full of smudges, Gasperini’s team was 3-2 out of number. Capitoline players leave the arena and cannot extend the challenge for additional time. In the first half, everything happens, including exploits and mistakes from the marches. The start of the match was a real chill for Lazio: from a seemingly harmless angle, Moriki sweeps the body of Djamcity, who puts the ball in the net for the home side in the seventh minute. It only takes 10 minutes for the Kosovan striker to forgive: at 17 ‘slow pass Acerbi is totally affected by No.94 who overcame Gollini by crossing his head perfectly. The match ball is passed to the hands of Inzaghi’s men who push and deserve a counter-overrun: Acerbi Immobile simulates and after drunken serpentine penalizes the goddess with a center score in the 34th minute. The Atlantean rearguard is somewhat revisable in this case. Bergamaschi who weren’t there and pressed the throttle to return on the heels. With an action on his part, Morrell sends confusion to Hoodt and serves Malinovsky at the right time: the Ukrainian player, not perceptible until that moment, finds with precision the left hand that deserves 2-2 in the 37th minute. In the second half, there is another development made thanks to the entry Lazari: The former SPAL wing flies towards Golini and lands him by Palomino. Barreto drew the defender’s straight red in the 54th minute. Despite the numerical advantage, the visitors still made a mistake in the preparatory stage and gave Romero the green light: Argentine sends Miranshoek, who returns his team to the 57th minute with a close end. Wesley Hoodt’s nightmare continues. The Dutchman slides on Zapata and the referee signals the penalty point: from eleven meters the Colombian takes over, who allows himself to fall asleep Reina in the 67th minute. Another player and a lower goal push Lazio into a real siege: Acerbi heads near 90, but Golini overcomes the score and saves it . Atalanta closes and flies to the semifinals, where they face the winner between Napoli and Spezia, scheduled for Thursday night 28 pm. In Turin, Juventus beat SPAL 4-0, Juventus beat SPAL 4-0 and won the Coppa Italia semi-final against Inter. Pirlo chooses his turnover rate and so on the field, along with veteran Buffon, there are also young Dragosin and Fagioli while Marino, the SPAL coach, shows that he wants to play while contemplating the tournament. The first half is dedicated to Juventus with Frabuta who at 5 ‘touching the net with a left diagonal comes out slightly, then at 8’ Morata who tries his luck with a right from the outside, Berisha deviates from a corner kick. At 14 ‘here is the ring that breaks the match: Rabiot enters the area, Vicari faces him and the Frenchman falls to the ground. As for the referee, it is a simulation that resulted in a yellow card for the Juventus player, but Var Pizzo called a penalty after reviewing the pictures. Morata goes to the penalty spot, defeats Berisha and puts Juventus ahead. The Bianconeri does not stop, Kolosewski first and then Ramsey close to scoring, but the double in the air reaches 33 minutes with Frabuta, who emptied a powerful shot with the left foot from the edge of the area with a pass from Kulusevsky. Spal, in the first break, is everything in the Floccari finale who lost in the final at the bottom without worrying too much for Buffon. The second half opens with Kulusevski in a great way. The Swede wants the goal and tries in every way, but Berisha is always the one who wins the duel by keeping his team in the match. On the other hand, Valoti is the one who gets dangerous with his powerful left foot from the edge, but it’s too central to intimidate Buffon. In the end, Kulusevsky, who held the position of Kiza, was face-to-face with Berisha hitting him and letting the curtain fall on the match while Kiza, as time was up, brought the score closer, dodging Berisha and depositing money for an empty door. It ends with a score of 4-0 for Juventus, a result that allows the Bianconeri to get the maximum score with the least effort.

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