Hurricane Yas update: A very strong tornado is coming, so when will it hit Bengal? Typhoon Yas becomes a severe cyclone and is likely to hit West Bengal on May 26


  • Yash or Yas will turn into a very powerful tornado
  • The cyclone will reach the coasts of West Bengal and Orissa on Wednesday morning
  • Light to moderate rains began in the coastal areas of the state from May 25

This time the digital office: The hurricane is coming with increasing force Glory (Tornado Desperate). Yash will turn into a very powerful tornado Yeah (Yasin). A depression formed in eastern Bay of Bengal on Saturday morning. It will turn into a deep depression by tomorrow. Then proceed northwest. Monday will turn into a hurricane. It will turn into a very powerful tornado within the next 24 hours. Then Yash moves to the northwest again. The cyclone will reach the coasts of West Bengal and Orissa on Wednesday morning.

According to Alipore Meteorological Department, this is located in West Bengal Tornado More likely to crash. Yash may fall on Wednesday evening. However, last year’s terrible Hurricane Amphan is unlikely to gain power. The Met Office said strong winds were blowing at a speed of 40-45 km per hour in the state. On Tuesday the wind speed could be 60 kilometers per hour.

According to the Alipur Meteorological Department, light to moderate rain will start in the coastal areas of the state from May 25. There might be heavy rain somewhere and next time the amount of rain will increase. And rain will fall on the rest of the regions. Heavy rain will fall in the state on May 26. May 27 may be very heavy rain. Hurricane impacts can be severe. Fishermen have been banned from going to sea since May 23. Those in the middle of the sea are advised to return by the morning of the 23rd.

Who fired the hurricane? What does the name mean?

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Oman is known to have named this cyclone. The name of this storm is Yash or Yas. It means sadness. The word comes from the Persian language. The name was decided by a committee of 13 countries including India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka. According to international law, the oceans that make up a hurricane are named after the countries of the basin. 11 organizations in the world have named the storm. The member states of the World Meteorological Organization and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia began naming hurricanes. Other cyclones named after Yash are Gulab, Shaheen, Jawad, Ashani, Sitarang, Mandoos, and Mocha.

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