Huge battle in Australia with the protagonist Delavedova

thea NBLThe Australian Professional League witnessed the Melbourne derby with a 94-86 victory over Melbourne Phoenix over Melbourne United. But the result was the least. The news was huge fight which was organized after the Phoenix player, Mitch Creek, back-to-back with a huge girlfriend Matthew Delavedova He’s back in Australian basketball.

the ex nba (Cavs and Bucks), he was the protagonist of the entire story although he may not have been as expected due to his controversial past. Daily Filmed by Crick in the dipping that fans are already requesting to be the league’s logo. then celebrate TableAt the head of his rival, he infuriated his comrades and the awkward fight that followed.

Mason Bitling He was the one who took the creek celebration the worst, and he ended up coming to the scene to hit the Phoenix player in the shoulder. From there the Tangana was organized and could be seen Delavedova You are trying to separate and avoid more trouble.

The result was the expulsion of the party peat Pointing out an unsportsmanlike foul on Crick and his teammate How to wellness. Crick also received a technique for his gesture in celebration of his partner, something the player did not understand: “I haven’t seen Delly this close‘, but he was ashamed to fight, ‘This wasn’t basketball.

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