Huawei, nearly 30% revenue decline in 2021. Facing challenges in 2022

(Teleborsa) – Huawei, a Chinese giant active in the field of telecommunications, expects that 2021 revenue President Gu Ping said in a New Year’s address to employees that it will reach 634 billion yuan (about 88 billion euros). This represents a By 28.9% compared to 2020 revenue 891.4 billion yuan, which can be explained by US sanctions imposed on the company. In 2019, the Trump administration actually imposed a trade ban on Huawei, citing national security, preventing the company from using Android (owned by Alphabet) on its smartphones, for example.

‚ÄúCombining digital transformation and green development for the ICT sector offers incredible new opportunities – reads the message – at the same time, Unpredictable business environment, politicization of technology and the growing movement of deglobalization It presents a number of challenges. In this context, we must stick to our strategy and respond rationally to external forces beyond our control.”

Guo claimed it Next year ‘will come with its fair share of challenges’, but is pleased with Huawei’s business performance in 2021. Huawei will continue to focus on information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, the letter said.

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