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Members of Parliament expressed outrage at being excluded from briefing about local lockdown restrictions in their regions, learning about plans via internal WhatsApp groups or providing briefings with less than 20 minutes’ notice.

Several lawmakers told the Guardian that they had heard briefings from the Health Ministry about restrictions that would be imposed on their constituencies while standing in the corridors of trains bound for London.

Lisa Nandy, Shadow Secretary of State, He said She learned via Twitter that her Wigan constituency was placed at Level 2, suggesting that ministers had not considered including her in a call with Greater Manchester MPs.

“It appears there has been a government briefing for GM representatives but I cannot provide details because I have not been invited,” she said chirp. “I think it’s because they don’t know where Wigan is. What an absolute mess.”

Barbara Kelly the work The MP, for Worsley and Eccles South, said she was excluded from the invite list.

Charlotte Nichols, Labor MP for Warrington, said she was invited to a Merseyside MPs briefing that was then withdrawn. “Warrington is not in Merseyside, it is not in the Liverpool city area, it has never been, and if you are going to make decisions that affect us, the least you can do is recognize this fact.” chirp.

Jim McMahon, Shadow Transport Secretary and Representative for Oldham, said he was invited to attend a briefing with Health Secretary Matt Hancock, 21 minutes before the scheduled start of the trip, while he was on a train to London. The House of Commons sits from 2:30 p.m. Monday, in part to allow MPs to travel to Westminster from their constituencies. He said, “It’s really bad even by current standards, like most things seem to be an afterthought.”

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Navendo Mishra, a Labor MP from Stockport, said the timing showed “utter disdain on the part of this government for everyone who lives and works in Greater Manchester.”

Stockton North’s Alex Cunningham said he received a briefing eight minutes into the 20-minute meeting. “I got there three minutes ago to go. How can people trust ministers when they act this way?” He said.

Louise Hay, Northern Ireland’s Shadow Secretary and Member of Parliament for Sheffield Haley, said she only discovered a briefing of South and West Yorkshire Representatives five minutes after its start.

A parliamentarian from West Yorkshire said he did not receive an invitation to the meeting, and only learned about it when other MPs on their WhatsApp group began discussing the proceedings.

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