How “unlimited” is your unlimited mobile internet? “…

Unlimited mobile internet is subject to restrictions
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The communications watchdog BIPT wants more clarity on the term “unlimited”. Telecom operators offer various subscriptions with “unlimited mobile internet”, but this term is misleading. There will be conditions attached to it.

“These subscriptions are usually accompanied by a fair use policy. It states that a subscriber can continue browsing from a certain amount of data used, but at a much slower speed.” But of course they should not allow the Internet to become slow Sometimes so that the subscriber can hardly surf the Internet. The operator does not always indicate this condition explicitly. The consumer should be able to read it clearly on the operator’s website and in the general terms and conditions.”

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority is now developing some guidelines for a clearer definition of the term “unlimited”. Tariff plans that advertise this term must comply with this. “The most important thing is that Internet access should not be blocked under any circumstances if the subscriber exceeds the amount of data specified in the fair use policy. The restriction may also not be activated per month for more than 10 percent of rate plan users,” says Smedts.

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