He stole his cell phone and offered a $60,000 reward and when he was returned he ran away without paying

Young call Katie He stole his cell phone Mar del Plata While he was on vacation, he managed to get the device back after giving it away thief trap mode calculation diffuse quickly in social networks.

It all started when the young woman went shopping in Green Grocery Happy city. While in the store, he realized that he no longer had his mobile phone with him, because They had stolen right there.

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Before Despair who grabbed him to get his phone back, the girl decided to post a message on a a group of Facebook social networking site marplatense who collects Buyers and sellers from various elements.

“Hi, I’m from Tucuman. I’m on vacation in Mardel and today my iPhone 12 Pro Max, in white with a transparent case, was stolen. give like Reward 60 thousand pesos. I need pictures of my nephew from his birth until today. Only on this cell phone I own it all and it exists killing Although I won’t have it anymore. please help “, asked the young woman in her post on the social network.

After that, Katie immediately started receiving messages with Various options At least to recover files through the mobile operating system, as the site publishes 0223.

However, one of those posts was from a leg who revealed it to him He had the phone And he will take it back collect money of the reward. The young woman accepted the meeting to recover sooner your smartphone.

Katie’s decision went viral on social media

But before meeting the person who has her mobile phone, she had already made a decision: I wasn’t going to pay What he had identified with his hypothetical interlocutor. And so he said it in a tweet that quickly went viral on social networks.

“My cell phone was stolen yesterday in Mar del Plata from a vegetable seller. I said if he gave it back to me he would give $60,000. an award. They asked me for the number for “in doubt”. At night they called me saying that “I found it.” I went to look for it, they gave it to me and I almost ran out I will give you a reward”, Katie wrote on her Twitter profile @kdiezdelvalle_.

He stole his cell phone and offered a ,000 reward and when he was returned he ran away without paying

As the minutes go by the story Over 75,000 “likes” And the young woman got Most diverse answers For users of the above-mentioned social network who have expressed their opinion on Katie’s actions.

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“He certainly found it and decided to make a good choice”; “nice move” ; “The thief who steals the thief has a hundred years forgiveness.” “We’ll never know if the vegetable seller was the thief, right?” ; “I imagine running with a mobile phone in my hand and I burst out laughing”; “It’s the least you can do”; “I was lucky that nothing happened to you”; s “I still don’t know if what I did was right or not,” Some comments were left for the girl.

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