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Conte heard about the Gregoretti case. Judge: A lot of elements are clear.

AGI – Giuseppe Conte’s day as a witness in Gregoretti’s proceedings left everyone satisfied, but the game that should decide Matteo Salvini’s indictment is still long. Certainly, as one of the plaintiff’s attorney summarized, this time “things did not go as well as Toninelli”, who had ended up in the crosshairs of the controversy over the saga “I don’t remember” at the previous preliminary hearing. It was the GUP in Catania, Nunzio Sarpietro, who came to Palazzo Chigi to hear him, who promoted the Prime Minister: “My cooperation – as he said – is very deep in his answers, he has given an excellent testimony that illustrated many elements of politics. Search and rescue. ” “It is necessary to ascertain if there is a crime,” the judge said. These are the elements that Sarpetro will investigate, perhaps in the next few hours, until February 19, when he hears the fortified Bicocca Hall in Etna. Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio; Ministry of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgues, and Ambassador to the European Union, Maurizio Masari. Sarpetro added: “We are not talking about crimes yet, we are talking about a process in which it is necessary to ascertain the existence of a crime,” stressing that the government action in the Gregoretti ship case was related to the general methodology. Then, individual events were dealt with by individual ministers. ”As for Salvini’s defense,“ the truth is finally emerging, ”Julia Bongiorno said that the Association President’s defense had registered“ a change of pace. Finally the truth emerged. ”Salvini’s lawyers point out that they“ also relied on new documents obtained after the previous hearing in Catania and that – in their opinion – they assert that Salvini acted in line with government policy: the Minister opposed waiting for the immigrants to be redistributed. Exercise, remember Salvini’s defense also continued with the Giallorossi government, “it is said.” The attorneys add that they “have highlighted another aspect: the prime minister has written to Salvini to request the minors be dropped on board the Open Arms (the episode that followed Grigoretti, but which was consumed in the last days of Count I without mentioning adults and without similar initiatives taken before.” Countless, according to the Minister’s defense at the time, of full awareness and government participation. ”For immigrants’ attorney, Salvini must be clarified. On the other hand, civil parties acquitted Conte and targeted Salvini.“ None of us – they have said – asked Conte why he did not fire a minister. Interior. ”“ Both Conte and the former Minister Toninelli – they emphasized – drew a very clear line between the government’s political program and the administrative decisions that the Minister of the Interior made regarding the allocation of the position. ”Conte said that he had never participated directly in the allocation of positions and that the link was not addressed. “In any cabinet meeting, even informal ones, with the redistribution of immigrants and the concession of disembarkation. He explained that” between the allocation of safety (Pos) and those of disembarkation, there is a gap. We must understand at any point, between the allocation of sites and the order of the now Zoll, the minister’s will interfered. ” Massimo Ferrante, immigrant lawyer Adam Aisha and Sakka Jafar Eni are among those on board the Gregoretti ship. “This element, if not in a preliminary hearing – he repeated – will be dealt with in the trial.”

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