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After eight years, it became the only consistency ingredient to use Policeman: He never learned. As for the rest, the ultimate meaning of a long development – and in some respects still in progress, witnessing improvements in pronouncing words like “university” – lies in the recognition of the eternal milieu as Per Ferdinando Cassini, a former student of Arnaldo Forlani and without interruption in Parliament since 1983 , Overheard he was speaking a few days earlier, guest on TV for another half hour: “Luigi Di Maio was very good. He’s been taking a crash course, and he’s becoming more of a politician than meAnd even this, in a bold crisis without evidence surrounding us and made even Casini himself a poet, he finally ended up playing what he wanted to be: a compliment. Where until recently it seemed to be only the kiss of the living dead, the shame that was washed away by the voice of the fava in the square and the denial. On the blog.

But now, in this crisis without a head or a tail, the emblem of a legislature without a head or a tail, Luigi Di Maio of Pomigliano Darko, 34, Minister of Foreign Affairs, former Deputy Prime Minister and owner of business and economic development, represents a fixed point, “The man who did not Not present “In the whole crisis, the Black Stone is able to absorb all the gossip (Renzian et al.) About the future of the Chigi Palace.

In short, the essence of ambitious chaos: Grillini’s main internal opponent, Giuseppe Conte, as he declares himself to the other “among the people closest to the prime minister,” is able to reach the turning point in his resignation by only clinging to Alfonso Bonafide, the de facto boss of the Five Stars despite having been delegating an entire year of current affairs and troubles For those who can’t get past him like eternal guardian Vito Karimi, de Mayo appears today as one of the few veteran enough to avoid a public meltdown – the grillino in particular – and he’s still in conditions of playing for the future, in a political horizon teeming with characters who have been fatally wounded. What is because of the angry direction of things.

A hard negotiator, a diligent treasurer, he is no longer like what he was in the beginning, except for the vague of Christian Democrats and the good atmosphere that in 2013 he actually earned his nomination of grillino for the role of Vice President of the Chamber, in fact, with the opening of the stormy crisis by Chief Ev Matteo Renzi, but formed by factions within the two main parties of the Giallorossi majority, Di Maio has just completed the complex turning point that has bound him in the past year and a half: the bid itself is the impetus for a new promotion and its overall survival. Cassini would have the age of the rest after thirty years.

If the prospect description seems unkind, it suffices in this respect to remember what Di Maio was like at the time of the last government crisis. In August 2019, he found the champion of the yellow and green government with Matteo Salvini, and thus just fell into disgrace with him, himself leading the negotiations on behalf of the Five Stars, but he is playing far from home. It was, in fact, an alliance with the ex-Party of Bibiano, defeating the famous “never with the Democratic Party”. Di Maio first tried with the diversion maneuver to dictate the conditions, that is, the ten points, which quickly rose to twenty and ready to go thirty (meanwhile, Salvini was praising him with offers from the new governments to do it together): she immediately crushed Pepe Grillo, who explained to him How time has come to agree to say yes. Having lost that battle, he opened another battle to be reasserted at least as Deputy Prime Minister, but he also failed to do so, thanks to the external triangulation of Dario Franceschini, who was the first to back down on the issue of “representatives”. After the Giallorossi government began, Di Maio devoted the entire season to repositioning it.

Internationally first and foremost: Having reached what may be the lowest level of his credibility through his February 2019 meeting, the yellow jackets of Christophe Challinson were in Montargis, a hundred kilometers south of Paris, after a car ride with Alessandro D. Batista (Happy and suspicious, anti-Islam and xenophobic Chalinson explained that he was “honored, because the government here in France does not want to receive us and instead someone like Di Maio, the deputy prime minister, came here to meet us”), a week ago, the foreign minister – While the prime minister struggled on both fronts – he managed to secure “friendship with the United States” while at the same time expressing condemnation for the arrest of Putin’s opponent Alexei Navalny, who had escaped his poisoning. Novichok and just returned to Russia after five months in Germany. Practically revolution.

2019: Luigi Di Maio wears yellow jackets ...
2019: Luigi Di Maio in yellow jackets with Alessandro De Batista

On the domestic political front, he was the hero of an astonishing management of Conte’s power phase. Gone without completely disappearing; Absent in existence speaking while almost being silent (he learned the lesson from saying without saying); Never biased, Di Maio reached an apotheosis that weekend in early January when he flew on his journey as Farnesina, a mission in Jordan and Saudi Arabia, to be photographed between dinners, instead of dealing with the crisis about to explode, pillows and notes. Principles and smiles.

2021: Di Maio is Minister of Foreign Affairs.
2021: Di Maio meets with Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Responsible politician, quiet force. Able to ally “with those whom you would at other times consider the moving corpses of the First Republic,” as Lucia Annunziata noted. More: able to claim it. “It makes me smile because in the past eight years, the M5S has always been described as the irresponsible force, which has threatened Italy’s stability. Now we have become the center of gravity for the stability of Italy, while others pull the plug and take irresponsible measures, ”is the Di Maio line.

In fact, there was a time when the grillini was an anti-system pirate. For example, in March 2013, when newly elected roommate Jessica Rustellato, thirty-year-old from Cartura (Padua), boasted on Facebook that she did not want to shake hands with Rosie Bindi (“But it seems to you that I give you my hand and I say Also “fun” ??? No look, maybe you didn’t understand: this is not fun !!! “he wrote). Or when Riccardo Fracaro, the future Minister for Relations with Parliament and then Deputy Presidency, was dusting his jacket in front of the Cofi Break cameras, in his gestures, because Possibile leader Pippo Civati ​​touched his right elbow. Or when it was also 2014, future room speaker Roberto Fico explained, right in front of Montecitorio, that some grillini had been fired because they had acted inconspicuously, one above all: “They secretly went to dinner with Civati.” He is still practically the devil. It was a time that Paula Taverna proudly posted a post in a verse on Facebook to make it clear that she would never be allied with anyone: “Look what we said before / When she pretended he was na manfrina. / There are no parties with whom she could do that. “Make appearances. You thought we were fake, with our intentions / (…) and we are not used to being vortagabbana, we have put our core … to you this is a strange thing.”

Oddly enough to say, the grillini has transformed disgust evenly between center-right and center-left, Pdl and Pd-minus-elle, with the possibility of aligning equally with Lega and Pd and if the centrists, maybe Forza Italia. Woody Mayo is the leader of all this: “I am the one who said, for the first time: If we do not have an absolute majority like the Five Star Movement, we will work on agreements with other political forces, for the sake of a government contract,” he claimed. “Another day. Other than cleaning your jacket: Now. An Orthodox guardian such as Roberta Lombardi claims to have been close to Bruno Tabaci’s table (another midst of this crisis, still on the other side of the Cassini crisis as in the past forty years).

Once again, Di Maio confirmed that he had brought several managers to Palazzo Chigi’s Contiana network. Everything is valid now: everything is honorable. Once poverty was eliminated, with words, Grillini lost his fighting identity, to the point where no one now remembers very well what even the famous five stars mean. In return, they were able to shape the entire parliament in their own image and likeness: in fact, everything was now chaotic, and even building a group of leaders willing to support the current government became an unlikely task. Those who knew how to do this now find it difficult to weave a real strategy. Thus, the paradox is that it was resurrected, due to its limitations, tools and profiles that the emergence of five stars wanted to bring down to the past.

At the same pace, Luigi Di Maio: able to bring the M5S into bargaining ground and able to survive thanks to his ability to withstand any blow, he still has problems with the political and cultural standing of this jump, too, for others – first of all Giuseppe Conte himself – he has managed Get things done. He is more than a true leader, he is a leader: anyone, better than other figures in the movement, is still able to explain the needs of a coherent political group by the need to survive. It is his own necessity, the hunger not to be born among the comforts, but to invade the entrance to the Shigi Palace. And to remain healthy in dreams.

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