How to improve your Movistar connection for online play

The Optical fiber has helped reduce ping to negligible levels. GPON has a ping of 4ms, and with XGS-PON the number is reduced to 1ms, which allows us to play on the Internet almost as if we were playing on a local network, and also in a very stable way. However, there are many Tricks that operators They use it for improve your online gaming experience, And Movistar has one of those jobs.

The Smart WiFi Routers de Movistar, like him 6 . smart wifi amplifier They have the most advanced capabilities that the operator has to offer. Among them we find Secure Connection, which acts as a firewall to prevent infections on our devices. In turn, we can control all aspects of our network from the Smart WiFi app, which has features for gamers that improve the online gaming experience.

Gaming functions in Movistar routers

This gaming function allows you to select a device and prioritize its connection over the rest of the home to enjoy the best connection. With this, it is not necessary to enter the router configuration to configure priorities and quality of service, but it will be Smart Wi-Fi The person who will take care of it.

This is very important if, for example, someone started downloading or uploading something at full speed for the connection we contracted with. Under normal circumstances, this can affect connection instability and sometimes even increase ping. With the gaming function activated, it no longer affects, and whatever happens on the network, gaming traffic will be the priority.

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The functionality is not only useful for gamers, but the device we choose will have priority over the network over any other device, be it a mobile phone, computer or TV. The only requirement to be able to take advantage of this functionality is to be connected to red wifi plus. With Ethernet is not necessary.

How to activate game optimization in Movistar

The function is also gradually activated for all Movistar customers using a smart WiFi router. They first start with Fusion customers, after which the functionality will reach those who have contracted with Movistar Conecta rates.

To activate it, we just have to go to a file app de Smart WiFi, In section Hardware, we have to identify the person we want to prioritize. Once selected, we go to the device information, and press «Servicio Smart WiFi«, where the “Games” option will appear.

This prioritization only works on the day we activate it, as the specific devices are patched every night. If we want to reprioritize the device, we will have to make the same journey in the app every day.

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