How to free up space on your computer: great summer storage

If you have been using your computer for more than a year, your system has downloaded a large amount of files for regular updates, resulting in an accumulation of data on your computer that you no longer need.

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Let’s face it, Windows updates are an option Which should always be active for you. Microsoft this way It fixes system errorsAnd the Software problemsAnd the safety hole clothing I Adds new jobseven Introduces visual changes.

To apply these updates, they are first downloaded and stored on your system drive, taking up space that is not completely freed up after they are installed. In most cases, Some files remain or are not deletedAnd the Takes up space unnecessarily on your system drive. The longer you use your current operating system, the greater the chance that there will be a lot of unnecessary junk on it.

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How to remove them?

If you want to clear some space from your computer and delete everything you thought possible, and you’re still running out of space, it’s time to tackle leftover system updates.

First you need to Click on Start Menu And type control Board And open it. Now it is necessary Select the first optionAdministrative Tools.

In Administrative Tools, select Disk Cleanup and then Select the drive Who want to clean and press ok.

In the new window, click the option Clean system files ملفات in the lower left corner of the window, then Select the drive. In the window that will open for you Tick ​​the optionClean Windows Update and click OK.

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In our case, the two-year-old system had roughly 4.4GB of space occupied by the old system update files.

Is it safe to remove these files?

These files are for you They are technically no longer needed and you are free to remove them. The only job you’ll lose like this is PossibilityTo return to the system without a specific update. This can come in handy if Windows throws an update that doesn’t work for you due to something, so you want to restore the system without the mentioned update. If this happens to you (it hasn’t happened to us), it’s best to leave these files alone.

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If you are running out of space on your system drive, cleaning these files can be a very useful way to get free space that you did not depend on, without deleting games or applications, especially when using a low-capacity solid state drive for the system. Once the system drive is erased, here are some tips on how to do it Prevent computer overheating In these tropical temperatures.

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