WOA-Project: Windows 11 ARM running on Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

While Windows 11 with TPM, Secure Boot, and selected CPUs has high system requirements for desktop and laptop computers, Windows 11 ARM itself runs on Microsoft Lumia 950 XL smartphone as of 2015. Calls can be received and made even after installation is possible without any problems .

Windows 11 ARM on Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

Like the pseudonym of French developer Gustave Monce Juice 33,000 Now offered as part of the “Lumia WOA Project,” Windows 11 ARM can be installed and run even on the nearly six-year-old Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. Dial-up functionality is also preserved under Windows 11.

Shortly after Windows 11 Build 21996.1 appeared on the Internet, the developer brought the new operating system to the 5.7-inch smartphone that was originally equipped with Windows 10 Mobile with the help of remote access.

Also for the first time as a full installation

With the official Windows 11 Insider Preview, current version 22000.51, from the Dev channel of the Windows Insider Program, installation on a somewhat older smartphone is now possible for the first time.

In a video, the developer explains that it is technically possible to use Windows 11 ARM on the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 and 3 GB LPDDR4.

Windows 11 ARM on Microsoft Lumia 950 XL (Photo: Lumia WOA Project)

Qualcomm’s System-on-a-Chip, still made at 20 nanometers, with four ARM Cortex-A57 and four ARM Cortex-A53, dates back to 2014 and can backtrack to an Adreno 430 graphics module with a clock frequency of 650MHz.

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More information can be found on the official website of Project Lumia WOA as well as that forum and the project page On the GitHub developer platform, where all necessary drivers and patches are available.

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