Samuel Garcia Abed Akli from the United States: Alfredo Galif confirms this

Mexico. – In an interview with Telereportaje, Alfredo Galefe frame I confirm it Samuel Garcia was a mental slave from the United StatesBecause, after receiving the title of elected ruler, new lion He had a great time in that country.

Samuel Garcia Political party banner holder Citizen movement حركة Elected governor of a state new lion 06 last June. After a scandalous political and electoral campaign in which his wife participated in an unusual and historical way Mariana Rodriguez.

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Alfredo Galefe frame A left-wing geopolitical analyst, he studies and measures the political actions of the highest-ranking figures in Mexico and the world.

This time he was questioned about Visits by Samuel Garcia to the United States, after which he asserted that he was a mental slave of the United States of America and that he had come to be given a political streak to act upon assuming power.

“We see political figures, like the elected governor of Nuevo León (…) going to the United States more, don’t they? They like to receive a line, they like to receive a line, don’t they? They want to be slaves (…) He is a mental slave“That’s what I see,” Alfredo Galev said in the first minutes of the interview.

Subsequently, it was pointed out that Samuel Garcia argued that he had received an invitation from a member of the US Congress and why he had come, however, Galiffe responded mercy, stating that the same would not happen if a representative from southern Mexico invited Joe Biden.

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Later, Alfredo Galev noted that the United States was impressed with the results of the Mexican elections (although he had no other choice).

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Finally, it is indicated that in connection with the statements of Alfredo Galif-Rahma, Samuel Garcia did not reply and did not express any position in this regard.

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