How to change the character in WhatsApp: the trick everyone is looking for

the Implementation From Messaging service The WhatsApp It allows its 2.5 billion users worldwide to change the style of its messages, add bold, underline and strikethrough, and even change the character.

This feature may go unnoticed by some users like hidden” s You must enter special codes to activate them.

Next, step by step on how to activate hidden fonts in a file a program From Messaging service The WhatsApp.

WhatsApp: the trick to change the letter of messages

WhatsApp text styles

This trick works for both Hardware iOS and Android to activate it, A special character must be entered at the beginning and end of each message before clicking Submit.

When you send it, the sender will automatically see it with a special design.

WhatsApp text styles

to Write a bold letter from The WhatsAppAnd It is simply worthy Add an asterisk “*” at the beginning and end of the message to make it bold.

To type in italics, you must type an underscore “_” at the beginning and end of the message.

To cross out the text, the “~” symbol must be added at the front and end of each message.

to change the line The WhatsApp s Choose monospace, you must write three open dialects: “” “”. It should be at the beginning and end of each message.

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