How to avoid online scams

The arrival of Black Friday is a clear signal: Christmas is just around the corner. Parties are missing less and less, and therefore the thought of gifts becomes more and more urgent. Then the question arises: Why not take advantage of the promotional Black Friday invitations? Italians obviously won’t miss out on the delicious Black Friday feasts, but will definitely try to anticipate some Christmas gifts. And to confirm it again, there are many surveys that show how 34% of the gifts that will be discarded at Christmas are bought on Black Friday Also on Cyber ​​Monday. Among these is research by Sitecore, a company that handles digital experience management software, that 40% of Italians under the age of 44 say they are willing to make the majority of purchases online with 73% planning to buy at least one. Christmas present these days.

Black Friday, watch out for scams

In anticipation of a huge amount of purchases, and therefore also a large movement of funds, it is important to be very careful not to fall into scams that In this period they increased by 208%.. Codacons have also considered warning consumers of these “unpleasant inconveniences”. The advice is to make your purchases only from safe Internet sites that are protected by international security systems (to find out just check for the lock in the address bar). Pay special attention to very high discounts, which can be false. “During the Black Friday season, we always see an intensification of scam activity. We have detected a staggering 208% increase in the number of attacks that mimic the most popular payment systems. Of course, scammers view each new payment app as a new opportunity to exploit users“,” Here’s Tatiana Shcherbakova, a security expert at Kaspersky – a Russian company based in Moscow that specializes in the production of software designed for security. Keywords that can help you better understand the “risks” and the amount of scams these days.

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