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The German student with the name Twitter @tesla_adri is not only one of the 67 million followers of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, but he’s special: Adrian, who prefers not to read his last name here, is one of the few who actually has answers. And she got likes from Musk on Twitter. The 27-year-old really deserves it, because first, he tirelessly reports everything, What’s new in Tesla or what’s comingAnd secondly, despite some criticism, he shows himself as an unwavering fan, as well as being the manager of the 12,000-member Facebook group “TESLA Enthusiasten DA-CH”. At the end of the year, Adrian, like six other famous people from the world of Tesla and the world of electric cars, answered seven questions.

Do you drive an electric car? If so, which one and why? If not, please also state the model and the reason.

Yes. I have been driving my second LR AWD prototype since March 2019. In November 2020, after the update was announced, the change to the new update was made. Tesla was of great interest to me long before I bought it, and I learned everything to know about Tesla. As my first electric car, I actually wanted to buy a Kia E-Niro. But after Kia delayed delivery for over a year, I drove a Model 3 and ordered it the same night. I haven’t regretted this choice for a second since. Tesla continues to offer the best overall package in long-distance convenience, performance, driving pleasure and driver assistance.

What is the best and most annoying thing about this (electric) car?

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For me there is no such thing as “the best”. It’s the cohesive overall package that convinces me a lot about Tesla. The Model 3 has enough space inside and at the same time a size suitable for Europe, so that you do not have problems in narrow streets and when looking for a parking space. Thanks to the Supercharger network, you can drive long distances without hesitation, without having to plan in advance and without fear of a faulty charging station. At the same time, the autopilot provides tremendous support on long flights and you will arrive at your destination more relaxed and less tired. Software updates, which bring in new functions regularly and thus keep the vehicle always up to date, is also a big part.

Probably the “most annoying” things are the poor quality of the map data (related to speed limits) and the lack of sign recognition on the highway. Both themes, of course, can be fixed at any time through a software update.

About 350,000 fully electric cars are expected to be sold in Germany in 2021. How many do you think there will be in 2022?

This trend will continue and we will see more electric cars in 2022 – if the chip crisis allows. Electric cars are now suitable for everyday use, and the charging infrastructure is also improving. The reasons for choosing a combustion engine are becoming less and less. Because of the increasing number of electronic cars, more and more people are getting in touch with electronic cars and seeing how much better they are.

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In your opinion, what will happen so that no one in Germany will want to buy a car with a combustion engine by 2025 and will it be positive?

In my opinion, not much should happen. Better technology replaces old and worse technology on its own. The past has shown this many times. The computer replaced the typewriter, the smartphone replaced the keyboard mobile phones and the combustion engine replaced the camper. The same will happen with the electric car. It is only a matter of time before the combustion engine is replaced by an electric vehicle. The trend is already clear: a sharp increase in the number of registrations for electronic cars with a decrease in registrations for combustion engines.

How many Twitter messages to Elon Musk did you write in 2021?

It’s hard to say. I’ve written a total of 6,677 tweets since October 2020 (private tweets, replies, and tweets – as of December 6, 2021). I can’t say exactly how much I marked Elon in it. But it was definitely more than 50 percent.

How many of them liked it and what happened next?

I have fewer Elon Likes than direct answers. I think it’s been 3-4 likes so far. He once tagged a video with “I love” where it showed what happens when you take off your seat belt on autopilot – in response to the Texas crash. There was another example of a tweet about them SpaceX/Tesla Helps Facing Mid-Year Flood Disaster. After you like or answer, of course, your pulse rises first and the joy is immense. After that, Twitter will not be usable for a short time because you will receive notifications all the time. Then the number of followers increases more strongly for a few days.

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Have you ever received a direct response from Elon Musk or Tesla or made a change, and if so, what specifically?

Yes, I have already received several responses from Elon directly. I don’t know if this really accomplished anything. Rather, it was the information revealed by Elon. For example, he answered my questions about when the 3 devices will be available in Europe or when the Model S Plaid can be admired again at the Nürburgring. Unfortunately, many questions remain unanswered, for example the question if this is the case Model S/X Refresh in Europe to come with CCS Or when sign recognition comes down the highway—questions I ask every day.

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