Home colors | A strange reward for anyone who finds “Samah” in Tanta .. “The secret is in the mobile phone camera.”

“Ambiguity and confusion, the password is a barcode.” A simple sign in a street in the city of Tanta in the Gharbia governorate, which caused surprise and bewilderment for all that he saw, especially as it shows a picture of a person named “Samah”, but the strange thing is that the signer indicated that it is Not found, please search for it and reward whoever finds it with 2 kilos of clothes.

A number of young men and residents of the city of Tanta took pictures of it and put them on their personal pages and circulated them in pages in the city-wide, stressing that the secret behind the barcode, and the coders of the code can decode the code to reveal the details of what is being raised.

Mahmoud al-Sayyad, one of the residents of Tanta, was walking in the street to surprise him with the terrifying image in which a girl with untidy hair appears, looking at an evil look in a strange and controversial way. The signer asked to search for its owner. The secret has not been confirmed yet.

Weird way to promote

“Mahmoud” says that it is likely that the secret of the sign is an advertisement for a clothing store in Tanta, whose path is known by decoding the “barcode”, and then he goes to the store in one of the strange, strange promotional methods, adding: “He is, I am not sure, but This is almost a marketing for a clothing store, and the strange thing is that the advertisement does not contain it, neither the name nor the address of the store.

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The advertisement is surprising

The picture is so striking that it stops everyone who passes next to it, according to the hadith of “Mahmoud”, when everyone sees it stands surprised and looks at it, indicating that he took a picture of the advertisement and uploaded it to one of the famous “groups”, on the social networking site “Facebook”, adding: « I downloaded it on Facebook with the aim of Al-Hazar, and all the reactions were Hazar and Mohdhesh took the topic very well, and unfortunately the advertisement failed because no one took his mind if he could decipher the barcode on the paper.

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