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Today we’ll tell you how to recognize and recognize fresh fish: 5 tips. During Easter 2021, it is common to eat more fish due to the traditional ban on meat on the Christian holiday. Fresh is much tastier than frozen, but you need to know how to identify it. Do you know what the tricks are?

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Fish One of the most complete foodsAs its meat makes many nutritional contributions. When buying fish we must be careful. If we are not fortunate enough to have a place of confidence, we can always take care of the situation, and analyze the product.

Remember that fresh fish has eye-catching properties. Therefore, if you want to prepare a ceviche or any other seafood dish, you should take these signs into account:

  1. Fresh fish to her Swollen eyes And a bright black pupil. Tutus specialists explain this CWhen the fish is not fresh, the eyes sink and turn gray.
  2. Fresh fish skin It has a bright color. When not fresh, the skin is smooth and the flesh comes out easily.
  3. The The nostrils should be red Or hot pink, looking clean and bright. When the fish is not fresh, their gills turn yellow or gray.
  4. The scales should be well attached to the body. Also, it is important to see the viscera. Swelling of the gut is a sign that the fish is in poor condition.
  5. The most obvious. Fresh fish It must smell like the sea.
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