Here, the plot, the throw and the history of the romantic comedy on Netflix

Giuseppe Maggio. Elenia Pastorelli, Matteo Martari and Matilda Giuli are the protagonists of the Netflix movie 4 Half.

4 halves It is the new Italian comedy written by Netflix. It will be available starting January 5, 2022 and champions Matilda GiuliAnd Matthew MartariAnd Giuseppe Maggio e Elenia Pastorelli.

Finding a Soulmate in 4 Halves on Netflix

A romantic comedy that examines the true existence of the soul mate of each of us. Directed by Alessio Maria Federici Written by Martino ColliAnd 4 halves It tests those who believe that a person is destined and those who, on the other hand, do not believe in him.

Luca and Sarah tried to do this research with their only friends: Chiara, Julia, Dario and Matteo. Four people with different life stories can fall in love. In two parallel worlds, a married couple lives. Who will fall in love in real life?

Martari, Gioli, Maggio, and Pastorelli. Discover the 4 Halves characters available on Netflix from January 5, 2022

Waiting for the official promo, we will tell you more details about the heroes Netflix It is scheduled for release on January 5, 2022.

Matthew MartariYou’ll have recently seen him on Rai 1 in the fantasy film Hearts, and he’ll be playing Matteo. A collaborator with a publishing house, Mathieu is kind and affectionate but doesn’t like to be the center of attention. In fact, he will prove many times that he is capable of taking steps back in his working life but also in his love life.

Matilda Giuli Julia plays. Young researcher in finance, mathematics and statistics. Honest and outspoken, she is a stubborn and determined woman in work and in love. The only drawback: she demands too much of herself.

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Giuseppe MaggioOn the other hand, it is a female grave. They all fall at his feet but he will meet a woman who can stand up to him. Despite his fame as a womanizer, he hides a fragile heart that he would only show to one person.

Kiara, who is wearing her clothes Elenia PastorelliHe is an anesthesiologist. Honest, wild, and emotional, Chiara wants a lasting story. Who will live it must be discovered.

The building, however 4 halves, they are all there. The soul mate search is a topic for everyone and with such actors there will be a lot more to watch.

comedy 4 halves Produced by Cattleya e Bartlebyfilm In cooperation with vision distribution And in association with IMPREBANCA SpA

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