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Organizing an Unpacked event in April is unusual for Samsung. Two weeks before the online conference there is a lot of clues about what to expect.

Samsung Galaxy Book Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Book Alpha

Earlier today, Samsung Unpacked upcoming event, Will be held on April 28, A week later from Apple. The Korean manufacturer has promised that we can find the most powerful Galaxy device out there.

We already have a lot of clues about what to expect from this event. It is very likely that the new Galaxy Book will be discovered there as well as the fruit of a new collaboration between AMD and Samsung Exynos.

An event dedicated to laptops?

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro, Book Pro 360 et Book Go

It is very likely that three new laptops will be announced in Unpacked. EvLeaks has already demonstrated it through several visuals We responded on Frandroid. More specifically, there is the Galaxy Book Pro, the Galaxy Book Pro 360, and the Galaxy Book Go.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro

These are laptops with an OLED display. These will not be the first or last screens with an OLED screen, as we already have several brands offering these screens, including the latter. ZenBook OLED Asus.

The expected three Galaxy books

The expected three Galaxy books

Samsung has also chosen a configuration based on the 11th generation Intel Core with low-consumption CPUs. We will also find Nvidia MX450 dGPU, slightly faster than the iGPU provided by Intel. These laptops will be equipped with Thunderbolt connectors, but also a 4G / 5G modem.

Among these three laptops, it can also be equipped with an ARM chip designed by Samsung and AMD. This will be the case From Galaxy Book Go.

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AMD x Samsung Exynos

Now that it is a file Mac M1 They demonstrated the capability of ARM, so will laptop manufacturers eventually take this architecture seriously? This is not uncommon, AMD and Samsung are currently working together to design an ARM chip.

It is a site Samsung is working with AMD to design an ARM SoC with Radeon GPU. So Samsung could take advantage of Unpacked to advertise an equipped laptop Powered by Samsung Exynos 2200 SoC tied to AMD Radeon GPU. The SoC should finally equal the Apple M1 and far surpass Qualcomm’s Snapdragon.

An announcement will come a few weeks after Nvidia’s recent announcement where they announced a collaboration with MediaTek for design ARM chip with RTX 30 GPU For laptops.

Laptops with ARM SoC equipped with Windows 10 are already there. Unfortunately, since its launch several years ago, Windows 10 version is suitable for ARM processors It wasn’t really successful. There is a software compatibility issue while the Qualcomm Snapdragon ARM chips are performing He did not convince the first users.

Not book Galaxy in France?

Unfortunately for us, Samsung Electronics hasn’t marketed the range of laptops in France in a few years. Hopefully, things will change when these laptops are formalized.

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