Herdringer Church’s acoustic fixation is meant to become a tune of hope

A special sound installation in Paderborn Parish creates spaces for forgotten emotion – the grievance. One of the seven sites for this “voice of lamentation” is the parish church of St. Anthony and St. Vitus Herdingen.

Herdringen – Especially in times of pandemic, the role of churches should not be limited to condolence and consolation, but their mission should be to provide a space in which the conflict that currently occupies so many people reverberates, so the basic idea is. In collaboration with the Diocese of Paderborn, the two artists duo INS – Institute for Staging (Sabine Reibeholz and Marc von Reth) implemented this idea in a sensual and tangible way.

From Sunday, March 21 until Ascension Day, your “Klage-Klang” fixation provides the opportunity for the musician to voice your complaint at seven parish sites. And that, unlike singing together, completely without the risk of being splashed.

The special thing about the installation: all the sites are connected to each other via the Internet. Anyone who expresses his complaint by boldly hitting one of the bronze panels on display not only fills the current space with this sound, but simultaneously travels to the other six locations and is heard there. When someone else plays on the obelisk there, a kind of resonance comes back. “The two complaining players feel less alone without knowing exactly in which of the seven places the other person will answer. We hope to create such a bond. The profound human need to complain does not turn into safety, but giving in to it evokes a sense of hope in us.”

The lamentation sounds by striking the bronze plate.

© Rebecca Weber

At the same time, she maintains that the lawsuit should not be confused with a widespread moan. Pastor Mayworm explains, “Whining is a subconscious thing, and it may also be quieter. However, the lawsuit has strength, and it is open and transparent,” and he also refers to lamentations and psalms. “There are a lot of unanswered concerns and questions, especially now. What next? And how are things going for us as a church?”

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Paderborn Parish approached Houston parish with the idea of ​​a “Lamentation Voice”. “We were happy with that. We are also open to innovative projects,” Pasteur Muurm continues. Herdringer Church was an obvious choice, as additional space for special projects or exhibitions was created in the back of the old part of the church during the renovation.

An opportunity to experience church interiors in a new way

The different holy places taking part in the traveling exhibition not only offer different audio experiences but also an opportunity to experience church rooms in a new way. This diversity of places and missions has already led to the fact that new networks have been created among the shepherds involved in the planning. “So the project may turn many individual voices of lament into a melody of hope,” the INS duo hopes.

For all those who do not just want to throw their complaint in the mud, there is also the possibility to find words on the project’s website www.klage-klang.de that opens a valve. The QR code that leads to the opposite page is embossed as a continuous element on the multi-layered, transparent fabric that forms the background of the installation.

Places participating in the diocese

The places of interest are Bartholomäus Church in Paderborn, St. Agnes at Hamm, and St. Resurrection Church Lippfrauen in Dortmund.

Herdringer Church is always open. Currently there is a consideration that on Sundays between 2 and 5 pm, “Lamentations” will be played in all locations. Bronze plates at other locations produce different tones so that an entire chord is formed in harmony. More information at www.klage-klang.de

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