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Die Parkdauer vor der Bäckerei, der Metzgerei und der Apotheke könnte künftig auf 15 Minuten beschränkt werden. Foto: Schennen

Reasonable short walks

Delamarche thinks it makes sense to limit parking time to 15 minutes, for example, as people only go out for a short time to go shopping at the bakery or the butcher or go to the pharmacy. It is important that the regulatory office staff carry out regular checks to check whether the parking is not too long. It also believes that employees at Binzen do not have to park their cars directly in front of their company and that they are expected to walk a short distance to get to work.

Delamarche also suggests limiting the parking management area to areas where parking is in high demand. Mühlenstrasse will also be included in this area. It would be reasonable to get a parking space in the church. You can also park your car there longer than on the main road (up to 2 hours). However, the church claims parking spaces for itself. “She might change her mind one day,” Demarche says.

Many families own multiple cars

Mayor Andreas Schnaker said there are more and more families in Pinzen owning more and more vehicles. In addition, citizens do not park their cars on their property, but on the street. Private parking spaces will be misused. As Demarche also emphasized, providing parking spaces is a voluntary task for the municipality. It is not obliged to provide sufficient parking space for citizens. The road is for public use.

Boards indicate the possibility of danger

Martin Wekrill drew attention to the potential dangers of improperly parked cars. “We have an above average number of cars in the village, but we also accept an above average number of cars,” he criticized. In light of the dangerous situation, Oliver Pomert urged that the parking space concept be completed by the summer holidays.

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Gerhard asked Ennis if he was allowed to park on Main Street. Delarmarsh answered: Yes, outside the no-parking zone, Main Street was wide enough to park his car on. However, this is not done often. “You don’t disturb the flowing traffic,” she said.

Regina Barwich has requested a regulation for the Koppengasse. Schnaker replied that an examination was conducted Friday evening and found the number of violations of the StVO Act to be very high. Drivers followed the rules for four weeks before stopping the car again because they thought they were right.

Citizen suggested the introduction of parking permits for residents. However, the legal hurdles to this are significant, Demarche reported.

Citizens can submit suggestions

In March in the foyer of City Hall, citizens can handle stock analysis and make suggestions for improvement. The FWT will then summarize citizens’ ideas and develop measures to improve parking spaces and present them to the Municipal Council. The concept of a parking space should be available by summer.

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